Like most kids, I hated taking medicine. In fact, the story goes that I so dreaded the bitter taste of cough syrups and the like, I figured out how to swallow pills at 3 years of age. Hated it that much. Until then, one way or another, mom was gonna see to it that I choked the stuff down. Because she understood something I didn’t. That the medicine would help me get better faster. I would’ve healed up eventually on my own, but would have suffered much longer without it. Continue reading →

Godspeed, MINA <3

A couple of weeks ago, Mina, our intrepid little road dog, slipped the surly bonds of earth. Her sweet, scrappy little soul brought love, connection and joy for well over 17 years. These past days have been smattered with bouts ranging from the sort of tears that catch you off guard to full on “ugly crying.” But even in the midst of tears, our hearts can’t help but swell with love an gratitude for the gift of her bright presence for so many years. Godspeed to our favorite little polar bear (garbage gut), honey badger (didn’t give a shit), Mina Puppy!

Keep reading for Cari’s tribute to her long-time companion and BONUS dog…

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