Cari Ray is the whole package…beautifully-crafted songs, professional musicianship, and a voice that you won’t soon forget. She’s a multi award-winning creative force. Her musical influences as a writer and performer are clear and present in her original material, drawing on a wide range of early American music…acoustic blues, folk, ragtime, country and gospel. But it’s her storytelling and ability to transport the listener into the worlds she creates that truly captivate. And to top it off, her live performances deliver those songs with quick wit, tasty guitar work, and a huge voice. With a smile and a wink, she’ll have your heart breaking one minute and your hips shaking the next. When she’s not performing, you can find her mentoring others in the creative process through public speaking and private coaching…or quite often with a fly rod in her hand.

“Strong singers figure out how to play a few chords to get by.  Great fret-masters eke out a tepid set of vocals for the same reason.  Then we sit down and watch someone [like Cari Ray] who can nail them both.” – National Road Magazine