Cari Ray is first and foremost a storyteller. One who has lived a rather storied life. Personally & professionally, she has continued to explore the boundaries of what is possible, through her writing, performing, speaking podcasting endeavors. She’s been the Creative Director for a marketing agency, a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple businesses, and a personal & professional coach. And most recently, she has been a nationally-touring, award-winning songwriter and performer. With the professional landscape rapidly changing, So in addition to her podcast, “Fisher of Zen,” Cari is carving out time to turn her attentions toward inspiring others to reach their maximum potential—through performance, public speaking, & professional consulting for musicians and creatives. No, Cari doesn’t look or sound like a run-of-the-mill mentor. Because she isn’t. If you’re interested in getting out of your own box and your own way to see what is possible, she has the tools, experience, & inspiration to help you get there.

“Strong singers figure out how to play a few chords to get by.  Great fret-masters eke out a tepid set of vocals for the same reason.  Then we sit down and watch someone [like Cari Ray] who can nail them both.” – National Road Magazine